Gabriel Zea


Autorretrato [2015]

This artwork uses in real time various images uploaded and published freely on Instagram, labeled with the hashtag selfie so that it can create an anonymous person's portrait, built from the addition of various available ones amid the tsunami of social networks selfish phenomena. The artwork arises from observing the material posted by members of this social network characterized by the sharing of photographic images. The two most common or recurrent topics on Instagram are food and selfies or portraits.

After an extended period of observing the published selfies in real time, it is possible to identify common patterns for the scenography, framing, and the postures chosen for these images. Poses like low-angle, standing in front of the mirror of a bathroom, or an elevator, frontal in a car and the duck face (pursed lips), with a hand on one's chin, among many other examples which happen at common places found in these images.

These patterns are useful to figure out the use of such digital devices in our daily life, affecting among other things, our form of self-representation. It is standardizing the ways our body ought to be represented to others in photographic images. Self-portrait uses a computer software to fulfill the selection and composition of the produced portrait. It analyzes downloaded images searching for faces in them; then stacks them up in multiples layers that keep changing over time.