Gabriel Zea


Ayer [2016]

Ayer (Yesterday) is an artwork that proposes a paradox for the artistic labor and the amount of time invested in the creative process, employing On Kawara's Date Painting series. The work developed during 47 years by Kawara, which explores systematically his human vitality, it is presented to us as cold due to the strict rules implemented by the artist in the production of the paintings. The pieces that integrate Ayer were produced by the use of a custom-made software trained with Kawara's stylistic norms. The execution of the software took a couple of weeks, enough time to generate 3794 digital matrixes that in public exhibitions are displayed in two formats: 47 videos and a selection of the pieces printed in vinyl and paper.

Zea creates a system that calculates each one of the produced artworks, delegating an important part of the creative process to the digital entity. Ayer does not try to answer the starting point questions, he leaves them open: what is the meaning of the artistic labor? Does a relation exist among the time invested, the artistic labor and the artwork value?

The series is composed of videos and printed pieces. In both formats, the painting creation date is codified in the nomenclature time system Epoch among the headlines of the New York times newspaper.