Gabriel Zea


Fui [2016]

On Kawara's daily movements in the city were traced down with a red line over a section of a photocopied map of the city where the route took place, these series of works are I Went. Zea's Fui (I Went) is an interpretation of Kawara's made in collaboration with a computer. A custom made software draw red lines over maps of derives made by the digital entity in three different cities: Bogotá, Buenos Aires, and Belo Horizonte. Each printed page corresponded to a route through a city, and each one is distinct from the others. While turning pages, it is not easily recognizable to which of the three cities corresponds the current map, because, the software chooses what city to wander around and the length of the course. The folios are binded following the same strategy of Conocí: a binder stores 62 pages and a collection of six folders are placed over a shelf creating a group of 366 sheets.