Gabriel Zea


Línea de ensamblaje de energía emocional [2016]

Línea de ensamblaje de energía emocional (Assembly Line of Emotional Energy) is an artwork that explores a contemporary labor method that creates economic value by capitalizing the invested time to produce and transmit information. The Capital developed a series of sophisticated apparatus which made indistinguishable the working time, creating a new stage of our economic system: the cognitive capitalism. Right now the division of productive and unproductive time is blurry. We are all turning into precarious workers, but the system’s design is so smart that we are not be able to discern that we are always working.

The work has three moments that happen at different times. The first stage is the constant auditing of the use of the digital devices used by Zea during his daily life. A software stores a comprehensive registry of the seconds invested interacting with applications, websites and any activity done on the computer or the mobile phone.

The second moment of the artwork involves the generation of a report of the time invested in the use of five social networks: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter and Snapchat. The report consists of a legal sized paper sheet with the number of seconds stamped on it with the application’s name and the date. In a second page, an initial straight line leaves its straightness with an equal intensity of the application use in that day. The third moment consists of another report produced at the end of the month which gives the perspective of the worked time on a major scale.