Gabriel Zea


Máquina de la memoria [2015]

Máquina de la Memoria (Memory Machine) and Durmientes (Sleepers) are two artworks conceived for the exhibition "Un espejo del mundo" (a mirror for the world) at the Biblioteca Nacional de Colombia that was a tribute for Gabriel García Marquez. Reading a passage from the novel One Hundred Years of Solitude inspired the creation process of the two pieces. In that part of the book the inhabitants of Macondo get sick of insomnia, a situation that triggers another illness: the obliviousness. Macondo citizens started to forgive the fundamental things of the daily life and simultaneously they developed strategies to fight the consequences of the sickness.

At the entrance of the exhibition, the Durmientes are located. A series of interactive objects that respond to the presence of the visitor by making vibrate its jingle bells. Each object is like a sentinel of the exhibition: it notifies the visitors that someone is entering or leaving the room dedicated to the magic world of Garcia Marquez.

Máquina de la Memoria is an installation that tries to build a visual dictionary by participations sent via Twiter in the form of term and definition. In this compendium of words, meaning and images do not apply the editorial criteria that standardize the encyclopedic knowledge, here every participation is welcome and exhibited in the room. An image is attached to each word, it is phantasmagoric and evokes different meanings of the word and its definition. A software entity is in charge of creating the images; the process starts by querying Instagram to download pictures associated with the term, followed by a procedure in which the color of the images is mixed by averaging the color in them. When the process is complete, the entry is printed out and place it on the walls of the room.