Gabriel Zea



Gabriel Zea born in Bogotá, Colombia 1981. Zea studied Fine Arts at the National University of Colombia and the Magister on Aesthetics and Technology of Electronic Arts at Tres de Febrero National University at Buenos Aires, Argentina. His research critically explores the situation of artistic labor, by producing artworks in collaboration with humans and machines. Some of his recent exhibitions are Epoch at Valenzuela Klenner Gallery, Fase 7.0 (Phase 7.0) at La Recoleta Cultural Center and Open Score at the Contemporary Art Museum at University of South Florida.

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artist statement

The murky zone where art and economy collapse is where my practice is located. I maneuver in that area as an alienated aesthetic laborer. Researching the paths connecting several entities that take part of the artistic realm, which contributes to the precarization of labor conditions belonging to the creators of aesthetic experiences.

Data is the primal material of most of my projects. I collect it, store it, analyze it and process it. Sometimes I am the subject who produces it by performative actions; some projects allow me to use data generated by others. In both cases, I build complex systems to capture data; then it is transformed after being plugged to a series of algorithms that produce a surplus of the whole process which is at the same time an artwork. The pieces elaborated demand from the observer an operative cognitive process to tie together traces left by different stages of the system.

Data is also the primary fuel of the current stage of our economic system. Elaborated platforms are continuously developed by the Capital to capture and make a profit from the interaction of it users. The once burdensome labor situation of the romantic and starving artist is nowadays the case of all the cognitariats of the world. Data is our chain to exploitation. My work deals with those issues by pointing and exposing the conditions of the artistic laborer in times of cognitive capitalism to stimulate a discussion that exceeds the domain of the artistic practice.