Gabriel Zea


SPAM [2010, 2015]

SPAM is a public system for dissemination of audio messages based on strategies of unsolicited advertising (spam) using the fixed telephone network. The platform allows anyone with access to a phone line to record a message that will be transmitted through another phone line using an automatic dialing system.

The infrastructure of land telephony is in the process of obsolescence due to penetration of mobile telephony, instant messaging (sms) and email. This project aims to recover this infrastructure and turn it into a distribution system for asynchronous, anonymous and massive communication.

In 2010, this project was shown in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. A second public show took place in the XV Salón Regional de Artistas Zona Centro in Bogotá, Colombia in 2015.


Museo Efímero del Olvido

página web de SPAM para el Museo Efímero del Olvido