Gabriel Zea


volumen: -2%, value: -7% [2016]

Global Art Market moves billions of dollars yearly. Artists, gallerists, and any partaker of the market make whatever is in their hands to create symbolic and economic value from the exhibition and trade of artistic objects. In 2015 sales on the global art market dropped down 2% issue that arouses a devaluation of whole market 7%. The market is down. It is our responsibility to work as a community to flip the devaluation curve. For make that possible it is necessary to have tools that help to focus the decision-making process on improving value and volume of the transactions of the actual cycle

The pieces that form the exhibition are a proposal by the artist to contribute to the improvement of the global art market. Make Art Market Great Again is a collection of 20 images and motivational statements to be used by artists as part of their strategies to positioning their work on the market. Volume: -2%, Value: -7% is an intervention presenting statistics of global revenue by medium and the country distribution of the international market for 2015. These pieces aim to serve as clues for collectors and artist to focus the production and purchases of artistic commodities the current year.